My Day in 10 Sentences

1. Brisk walking down 4 flights of stairs, in 3-inch heels.

2. Waiting for a cab for 10 mins under the scorching heat.

3. Manong driver excusing himself for a pee in one gasoline station restroom.

4. Driving through Ayala sans traffic.

5. Checked wallet for money and finding out that I only got a hundred bill and 25-peso worth of coins.

6. Current meter reading: 120.

7. Got stranded in one of those annoying McKinley traffic lights, the ones that goes  back to 20 or 30 more seconds when it reaches zero.

8. Asked Manong to drop me off 3 blocks from my actual destination because of cash problem.

9. Current meter reading: 124

10. Great, my one peso coin was spared!

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