My Day in 10 Sentences

1. Brisk walking down 4 flights of stairs, in 3-inch heels.

2. Waiting for a cab for 10 mins under the scorching heat.

3. Manong driver excusing himself for a pee in one gasoline station restroom.

4. Driving through Ayala sans traffic.

5. Checked wallet for money and finding out that I only got a hundred bill and 25-peso worth of coins.

6. Current meter reading: 120.

7. Got stranded in one of those annoying McKinley traffic lights, the ones that goes Β back to 20 or 30 more seconds when it reaches zero.

8. Asked Manong to drop me off 3 blocks from my actual destination because of cash problem.

9. Current meter reading: 124

10. Great, my one peso coin was spared!

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