[happy] Mother’s Day, Birthday Girl.

Last Sunday, May 14, was specially hard for me. My birthday coincided with the nationwide celebration of Mother's Day. People all over are greeting moms, telling them how they are the greatest. Watching ASAP with Jolina Magdangal hosting this special tribute to non-celebrity moms while doing the dishes was a struggle. I cried silently, careful... Continue Reading →

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Dear, Ezra.

Mama and Papa have been looking forward to this date for the past three months. Today is supposed to be the day that they officially announce to everyone that they have you. That you've been secretly nesting in Mama's womb -- a sneaky little Tadpolly. But things did not work out as planned. A week... Continue Reading →

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I just want to make a quick post while everything is still in my head... And in my heart... The past days I have crawled back to my lethargic self. I've been feeling under the weather lately, mainly due to a recent illness that I've acquired. Two months after my D&C and here I am,... Continue Reading →

Mr. Frodo and I

When I went home from the hospital, fresh from my miscarriage and D&C, I was expecting to come home to a dog who will console me. I have pictured it in my mind during our cab ride home: The moment I open the door, he would come up to me, look me in the eyes,... Continue Reading →

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