I spent the last weekend in Bataan with my current teammates at work. Out of the 9, I would say that only two of us are not part of the 2nd-gen millennials. You know, those that were not born in the 90s. 😉

4 days and 3 nights in a sleepy town, with shaky phone signal, no TV, work in between and little sleep.

Screams like your worst weekend nightmare?

NO, it wasn’t. I had a good time with the kids, actually. Continue reading “kaBATAAN”


I just want to make a quick post while everything is still in my head… And in my heart…

The past days I have crawled back to my lethargic self. I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, mainly due to a recent illness that I’ve acquired. Two months after my D&C and here I am, fresh with a newfound abnormality. I hope this can be cured by the numerous meds that I’m currently taking. I’m crossing my fingers that the good doctor would be the bearer of good news come Tuesday.  Continue reading “Despacito”