Weekend at The Lakeshore

My stay at The Lakeshore, Pampanga last November has been fun! Christian tagged me along to join his friends from the office to have a chill weekend at Chinee's place. The road trip has been a blast, thanks to the lovely weather and good ol's music from the 90's. I did not doze off even... Continue Reading →

Weekend Discoveries

This weekend has been full of new discoveries! Let me start with Saturday.Β Christian and I were both craving for Japanese (no surprise there, really) and we magically stumbled upon Rai Rai Ken. OK, to be perfectly honest, we were lured by their "50% discount on ALL Ramen" ad. Turned out that you have to order... Continue Reading →

Gotta love weekends!

This weekend has been a blast! It involved new discoveries, quality time with Christian and his family, and a sweet date with my sister. I will also be working on something special that will stretch whatever tinge of "creativity" is in my body. Will be writing about them soon. πŸ˜‰

With Le Masters

My last day in Bicol was spent with my family. We celebrated Father's Day over a simple lunch in Embarcadero de Legazpi. This is one of the new commercial hubs located by the city's port. The place is a refreshing take on the usual mall restos that us, Bicolanos, are so used to. Meet my... Continue Reading →

Bicol Road Trip

I was mostly awake during our road trip to Bicol, which is quite a miracle actually given my travel sleep streak. Anyway, it was good because I was able to observe the places that we passed through more. The trip has not been easy. We experienced heavy traffic along the Alabang area and there were... Continue Reading →

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