A Taste of Autumn

I had a grand time in South Korea. It was my first time to experience autumn and it was amazing!!! Sure, the weather could be nasty at times but what the heck. It was all part of the fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm still in the process of filtering out the pictures that I took during my... Continue Reading →

Of Travels and Budgets

Today, I had dinner with my friend, Val, who just came back from his vacation in South Korea. I enjoyed looking through his pictures and listening to his stories and experiences in the country. I am pretty much stoked! In less than a week, I'll be freezing my ass off ย 1600 miles away from here... Continue Reading →

30-Ft Under

It was scary since it was my first time and I really don't know how to swim. But it's true what they say -- being underwater for several feet is just surreal...

Singapore’s Sites and Sights

In my previous Singaporeย post, it was all about food. But aside from the gastronomic delights, Singapore is also remarkable for its fusion of traditional and modern architectural designs, shopping districts, and seamlessly clean streets. Now, allow me to ramble about the different places that we visited in the city last January. 1 Altitude Christian's cousin,... Continue Reading →

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