Magic Hour Sunday

Last Sunday was spent having lunch at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe with our cousin, RC. He attended the Chemical Engineering Inter-University Quiz Show which, incidentally, is hosted annually by my college org. Are we a bunch of smartypants or what? Haha. Kidding!

I missed UP so much that my sister and I spent a few hours walking around, taking artsy shots around the campus.

What I love about this place is you can literally get a good photo spot in every nook and cranny. Every wall, graffiti, and building frame becomes an instant backdrop.

We were also lucky that the weather was perfect. We were able to get a shot during the magic hour and I really love it!

Gotta love weekends!

This weekend has been a blast! It involved new discoveries, quality time with Christian and his family, and a sweet date with my sister.

I will also be working on something special that will stretch whatever tinge of “creativity” is in my body.

Will be writing about them soon. 😉

Techie Tambay

My Saturdate with my sister, Nikki, has been a very busy, techie tambay. Techie tambay is the term that we loosely use here whenever we meet up or hangout with friends only to be fixated with our own gadgets. Yes, not really proud of it, but I am guilty. (-.-)

OK, just to defend ourselves, our techie tambay has a very good reason.  I owed her a phone so I decided to give up my one-year old HTC Desire S (which I love very much *tears*tears*) since I just bought something new for me. And while I was busy with all the data transfer and resets, she was busy hoarding my Iced Caramel Macchiato!

Kidding! I love my sister to death and we almost always share everything: clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, you name it. We are both crazy about darling flats and sneakers.

We also love good literature and movies. One perfect example is this book which we have tossed back to each other several times because we just couldn’t get enough of it. We’re both pretty excited for the upcoming movie, btw. I promised to take her out on a date. 🙂

We even share the same taste in music. I’m one proud sister to say that she doesn’t like Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj, the supposed to be big artists of her generation. Sorry for all the fans out there. I just couldn’t take them! >_<

It’s funny how two young girls who fight all the time grow up to be such close sisters and friends. ♥