Going Adele for a Night

In one of the nights of our Gen San vacation, Christian’s aunts took us to Saranggani Highlands for a few bottle of beers and some hours of chillin. The place is so nice at night. ¬†With the antique-ish upholstery and nature friendly ambiance, it’s like a fusion of Sonya’s Garden (Tagaytay) and Bohol Bee Farm. I was not too crazy with the food, though. It was just blah.

Le Pollypocket Pose

We mostly took some pictures and breathed in the beauty of the place but the highlight of the evening for me would be my jam with the band. Christian’s aunts were so insistent on me coming up the stage and belt out some songs. I sang Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You because I’m thick-faced like that. Haha!

I would like to post the videos that Christian took but I’m not ready to humiliate myself over the internet yet. Maybe next time. :p