Midnight Tea Date

Something that made me giddy today. 🙂 Christian treated me to a midnight tea and my favorite dark chocolate macadamia cookie. It was such a nice surprise after days of stress at work.

What made this really sweet is the fact that he is not, in any way, a tea or a coffee guy. He might not admit it but I think he makes a lot of effort to stay away from any Starbucks cafe as much as he can. Christian, if you are reading this, feel free to comment. Haha!

Anyway, yeah. That’s the sweetest part of it. His little efforts to make me smile and feel better whenever I feel so stressed or down. He may not be the quintessential flowers and chocolates guy but he totally makes up for it with giddy moments such as this. ❤

** This was supposed to be posted last Friday but my WordPress for iOS acted up. 

Remember When…

A sneak peak on the photo scrapbook that I made for Christian for our anniversary. They say that the traditional first anniversary symbol is paper so I wanted to incorporate that in my personalized gift for him. Plus Christian is a photography enthusiast thus, the scrapbook.

In a way, I am lucky that both of us are so into photographing our random moments together. It makes a good material for reminiscing special occasions or even mundane events in our relationships. Imagine my delight when I found our very first photograph as a couple (2nd row, 3rd column)! Just looking at it takes me to that special time and place when I told him, “I want to be your girlfriend.” 🙂

Mush..mush.. Sorry about this. I will be talking about other things other than Christian and our anniversary in my next posts. I hope I didn’t make you puke. 😀

Gotta love weekends!

This weekend has been a blast! It involved new discoveries, quality time with Christian and his family, and a sweet date with my sister.

I will also be working on something special that will stretch whatever tinge of “creativity” is in my body.

Will be writing about them soon. 😉