Midnight Tea Date

Something that made me giddy today. 🙂 Christian treated me to a midnight tea and my favorite dark chocolate macadamia cookie. It was such a nice surprise after days of stress at work.

What made this really sweet is the fact that he is not, in any way, a tea or a coffee guy. He might not admit it but I think he makes a lot of effort to stay away from any Starbucks cafe as much as he can. Christian, if you are reading this, feel free to comment. Haha!

Anyway, yeah. That’s the sweetest part of it. His little efforts to make me smile and feel better whenever I feel so stressed or down. He may not be the quintessential flowers and chocolates guy but he totally makes up for it with giddy moments such as this. ❤

** This was supposed to be posted last Friday but my WordPress for iOS acted up. 

Remember When…

A sneak peak on the photo scrapbook that I made for Christian for our anniversary. They say that the traditional first anniversary symbol is paper so I wanted to incorporate that in my personalized gift for him. Plus Christian is a photography enthusiast thus, the scrapbook.

In a way, I am lucky that both of us are so into photographing our random moments together. It makes a good material for reminiscing special occasions or even mundane events in our relationships. Imagine my delight when I found our very first photograph as a couple (2nd row, 3rd column)! Just looking at it takes me to that special time and place when I told him, “I want to be your girlfriend.” 🙂

Mush..mush.. Sorry about this. I will be talking about other things other than Christian and our anniversary in my next posts. I hope I didn’t make you puke. 😀

Gotta love weekends!

This weekend has been a blast! It involved new discoveries, quality time with Christian and his family, and a sweet date with my sister.

I will also be working on something special that will stretch whatever tinge of “creativity” is in my body.

Will be writing about them soon. 😉

Spidey Saturday

We watched The Amazing Spiderman last Saturday, and boy, it really is amazing. I think Andrew Garfield did a better job at being Spiderman than Tobey Maguire. Tobey can look such a retard sometimes. Christian’s words, not mine. And Emma Stone IS Emma Stone. That girl can never do anything wrong even if she looks like a crying Powerpuff Girl or an enamored goldfish. She’s just the perfect combination of cute and hot. The visual effects are stunning as expected. If there’s a sequel, I will definitely watch.

Anyway, here are some other highlights of my Saturday.

We had our dinner at Mr. Kurosawa because we were both craving for ramen. This is a Euro-Japanese fusion restaurant that has a very good ambiance. I especially loved the wall art decor and brick walls. One thing that I don’t love is the red light beside our seats. It’s kinda distracting, although it has done it’s fair share in making the pictures that I took appear special. 😀

We had the Shoyu seafood ramen as recommended by the waiter. One order is good enough for two so you can just ask the waiter to split the soup into smaller bowls. Christian ordered the Spider Roll, which is a nice coincidence to the movie. What set it apart from the other rolls that I had before are the crunchy crablets inside. Never mind my allergies, they tasted really good. It got me into thinking on why this roll was named as such.  Hmm.. I also got myself a platter of bacon-wrapped dory. And yes, I loved it!!! Come on! Bacon and dory? What’s not to like? 😀

Over dinner, we had this little quiz wherein we will take turns into acting one epic scene from a famous movie and the other one would guess. Titanic’s “I’m flying Jack!”, The Matrix’s slow-mo-dodge-the-bullet-scene, and LOTR’s Frodo-accidentally-catching-the-ring-with-his-index-finger (again in slow mo) were the firsts to make the cut. We prolly looked like a bunch of dorks sitting by the corner of the resto but we didn’t really care. We were having fun. 😀

We finished dinner early so we had a good one and a half hour extra time before the movie started. We just strolled around doing some window shopping and I snapping pictures along the way.

Hope you had a nice weekend, too! 🙂

Down the Doughnut Hole We Go

It is National Doughnut Day in the US and although I live across the globe, let me talk about my recent ‘happy place’ discovery: JCo Donuts and Coffee. There are only 2 branches open in the Philippines right now and I am very lucky that one of them is just a few blocks away from my house. It’s in Megamall Strip B by the way if you want to check it out. The other one is in SM Mall of Asia.

Like most coffee shops, the place is cozy enough for meet-up with friends and after dinner dates. In our case, this was the highlight of our weekly Sundate after searching the mall for hardware stuff and watching a not-so-appealing-movie. What’s interesting is that while you’re at the counter queue, you can actually see the crew prepare the doughnuts, arranging them beautifully in trays. It’s such a gastronomic delight!

I got the Matcha green tea with almond and Christian settled for blueberry . I love the softness of the dough and how it tasted and smelled so fresh. It actually reminded me of Cello’s, another doughnut place that I love.

The crunchy almond shavings perfectly complimented the creaminess of the Matcha green tea spread. Christian was not so crazy about it, though. I can still remember his grimace when he took a bite. Haha!

These round darlings only cost 40 – 50 pesos each. Not bad considering the taste, quality, and currently, it’s novelty. I am quite excited to go back and try the other delectable flavors, and even the other yummy-looking dessert that they offer: savory sandwiches, frozen fat-free yogurt, and coffee-based beverages.

How about you, what’s your doughnut story? 🙂

Wedding and Games

I’ve been talking about our Gen San vacation in most of my previous posts you’re probably sick of it. But let me just tell you that the main reason why we went there was because of a wedding. One of Christian’s closest buddies from high school, Shiela, tied the knot and I got tagged along.

The wedding was lovely and everyone just looked so happy. Kudos to the wedding planners for organizing such a nice and fun-filled ceremony.

The priest was an hour late but he made up for it with his quirky homily. I know he’s got a good excuse but I couldn’t remember because I was sleeping I don’t know… I just can’t. (-.-)

Yellow balloons were released by the godfathers and godmothers for the couple wishing them a loving and lasting marriage. It was such a sight looking at the ballons slowly traipsing through the air, with everyone cheering along.

I love the energy of the groom. He’s like a kid who’s game to do anything. He even surprised the bride with a romantic serenade. So sweet!

Towards the end of the party the guests were given paper lanterns to release into the night air as another well-wish for the newlyweds. I didn’t burn myself or anyone with it, thank goodness. 😀

Funny thing is, Christian and I were the ones who ended up playing the classic wedding game. It was a bit embarrassing since I don’t really know anyone at that wedding. I felt like a gatecrasher making a scene in front of smiling strangers. Oh well. You just have to go through some things sometimes. 😀

They found out that we are an actual couple so they obliged us to kiss, much to the prodding of the bride and groom. Can you see the chastity belt through my sheer maxi? I’m bound to this Pollypocket now, unless an evil queen suddenly appears, turns into a dragon, gives us both amnesia, and doom us into a no-happy-ending world. Ok, enough Once Upon A Time references! >_<

If the odds are in our favor, I might think of using this actual bridal garter on our wedding. Sorry for being such a cheese but at least I can make one  old wedding superstition come true. Isn’t that sweet, gross or just plain cheap? Haha!

And because I couldn’t help it, I Google-d some wedding superstitions and found out that originally, the wedding garter was the one that is worn as something old article by the bride. It was believed that the blessings of a happily married woman would be passed along to the new bride.

Hmm.. Anyway, something to think about. 🙂