An Evil Prince and a Pixie

Theirs is a love story that wasn’t meant to be.

He is an evil prince who’s cursed to roam the Earth for eternity, perpetually unsatisfied with any type of happiness that love brings. She is a pixie, a minuscule of his size; tasked to bring about happiness to every soul while she absorbs all of their sadness and despair.

Until something or someone comes along… What that something is or who that someone is, no one knows. It’s something that wasn’t written anywhere or prophesied by anyone.

One afternoon, the evil prince went for a walk. Upon reaching the forest, it suddenly rained. He just stood there, getting drenched. It suddenly occurred to him that he gets kinder when it rains. He can’t explain why, it’s just the way it is.

Now it so happened that the pixie was nearby. She saw the evil prince in the middle of the forest just standing there, getting drenched. She thought about how lonely the evil prince looked. She thought about how one creature could endure such sadness and discontent. For she can feel what others feel. Full with curiosity, she carefully approached the evil prince ready to sprinkle her pixie dust of happiness.

“Don’t even think about it!”, the evil prince snapped.

The pixie let out a squeal. She didn’t know that she’ll be visible to the naked eye.

“I know what you are. It will not work.”, the evil prince continued.

“How can you see me? How do you know me? Who are you?!”, the pixie don’t know where to begin.

The evil prince looked at the tiny being, amused. It looked like it’s trying to talk but all he can hear are soft tinkling sounds. It reminded him of tiny little bells hanging by the window, blown by the wind.

The pixie repeated her questions for the evil prince appears to be frozen, until a tiny smile formed at the corner of his lips. Is that a look of amusement she sees? The evil prince was now looking at her closely, squinting his sharp, black eyes, still smiling.

“Are you trying to talk to me?”, he asked. “I can’t understand you if you are…”, he continued.

The pixie stopped talking. This is the first time she’s hearing that she cannot be understood by a human. But then again, this is also the first time that a human has spotted her and know what she is.

“My mother told me stories about your kind. How you sprinkle happiness into the world and just absorb all of the sadness. But she didn’t tell me that I can see you. From her stories, I always assumed that you are… well.. invisible,” the evil prince told her.

The pixie was afloat in the air, wings flapping hurriedly. Her wide blinking eyes showed him that she can understand every word he’s saying.

“It’s quite unfair, isn’t it? You can understand me but I can’t understand you. You have the ability to absorb loneliness, except for mine. For I have no capacity for happiness,” the evil prince said, looking sadder than normal. He reached out his hand. The pixie felt his soft fingers, his palms enveloping her wings and her whole body.

So this is how it feels like, being held by a human. I know that he’s full of sadness but why do I feel happiness?”, the pixie thought. She did not even bother to say it out loud, for fear that he might suddenly understand her. Smiling, she closed her eyes and just lay there in his warm, soft hands, feeling happiness for the first time in a long, long time. Those years and years of absorbing all of the sadness and despair in the world has made her nearly forget.

All of a sudden, she felt his grip tighten. She looked up at his sharp, black eyes still looking at her, but his smile is no more. She saw his jaw clenched as he tighten his grip once more. The pixie is now turning blue, she cannot breathe under his coarse, cruel hands. By the looks of him, he doesn’t plan to stop until she stops breathing.

“So this is how it feels like, being held by a human….”, this was the pixie’s last thought before she let go of her last breath. As she sighed, a chockful of pixie dust emanated from her and hit the evil prince straight in the face.

Surprised, the evil prince coughed and blinked. For a brief moment, he felt what he thought was happiness… but how can he be sure? He’s never felt happiness before…

He looked down at the pixie, her wide, blank eyes, staring into his. Her once luminescent skin is now an ugly shade of blue, and it appears to be crumbling, too. With a look of disgust, he flung the pixie out of his palm, and closed his eyes. He heard a small thud when her frail, dead body hit the ground. He opened his eyes and looked up at the sky.

It has stopped raining.

Reminiscin’ 2013

In one of my earlier posts for the year, I complained about how seemingly lackluster my 2013 was. Sure I didn’t travel or made this major investment for my future or furthered my education by taking post-graduate studies — things that people my age normally do these days.

But then I realized that I was looking at the wrong direction in my life. I was too busy looking for the things that I didn’t do that I failed to remember all the small but great things that I did. And so, let me give you a listicle of the 5 most important things that I did and experienced last 2013 (just so you know that I’m not, in any way, justifying my way of life last year. Haha!):

1. Starred in a Music Video

OK. ‘Star’ may be a big word given that I only appeared for less than 20 seconds in the video and at the very end of it, mind you. But hell! It was a fun experience especially since it is for one of my favorite bands, Your Imaginary Friends.

Was really stoked that I got that text from my friend and the band’s vocalist, Ahmad. He was looking for friends who are willing to be stupid with them for a day and be bribed with Amber’s spaghetti and pichi-pichi. Who can say no that? I didn’t mind the waiting, the hot spotlights, and the take after take after take during the shoot. YIF is a happy bunch even when they’re not on stage and they’re kakulitan is so contagious!

Don’t believe me? Check out this video for yourself. 😀

Baby, You’re Going to Hell is part of their second EP Your Silence is a Villain. You can still buy or stream the digital album via bandcamp. DO NOT resist the urge and SAY yes to pop!

2. Pixiefied

Getting a pixie has always been a recurring thought whenever I am due to have a haircut but I never went through with it. Given that, I really can’t say that it was a spontaneous decision. But how I came about to chopping 3/4 of my locks  WAS. I woke up early one September morning prepping for a friend’s wedding when I suddenly had the urge to go to the salon. On the way I told myself, “I am getting a pixie today. Nothing and no one can stop me.”

And so off I went to the cutter and showed him a picture of the pixie cut that I wanted. He looked at me and said, “Ang ikli nyan, Ma’am…” (“It’s too short, Ma’am”). I replied “I know” with a smile then went off mobile surfing, careful not to look him in the eye again. I was avoiding the derogatory statements that I know would come once we started with THE small talk. The one wherein he would tell me how it will not suite my heavyset face, how I would appear 5x fatter than my usual fattiness, and how it would make me look like a lesbian.

30 mins after, I breezed off the salon feeling like a load was lifted off my head and shoulders, walking with a certain bounce. It’s true what they say. It can be very liberating… a breathe of fresh air. My confidence sure did surged up a notch higher!

Yes, it is polarizing. Some love it and a lot more hate it; but I don’t mind. It’s high time that I stop thinking too much about what others think and think about what I think and what I want. I love this new ‘do and I’m going to keep it for a long time. 🙂

3. Smoking a Cold Turkey

Quit smoking — I finally did. For good! It was amazing how it happened actually. I was in the middle of my 4th or 5th stick of the day when I suddenly decided that I wanted to quit. Next thing I know, I was throwing the half-finished cig on the ground and crushing it with my toes — forever ending a nasty habit that I was battling to stop ever since I started.

To be honest, I had a single relapse several months after my supposed to be epiphany. It wasn’t a withdrawal. More of proving to the kabataan that I was having drinks with that I can still be a badass. I regretted it the morning after. BIG TIME. I told myself that quitting ain’t quitting if you’ll take the occasional puff whenever you feel like it. I was doing so well with my recovery only to have it in smokes by smoking. Pun intended. And really? Doing something to impress the kids? I’m too old for that shit. I would find this the hard way, as we were driving on our way home. You may call it resolution karma.

And so my second epiphany began. I went cold turkey on the habit ever since. I’m off of nicotine for 6 months now.. 12 if I’ll forget that single relapse but who am I kidding?

4. Cotton-versary with Mr. Polly

Yes, we turned two! Amazing how time flies… It was not too long ago when I met Christian whom I’ve always considered as one of the greatest blessings in my life. He came to me when I least expected it — just about the time when I was losing hope that I would meet an imperfect person who could be perfect with an equally imperfect person like me.

Last year was for paper, and so the scrapbook
This year’s for cotton, so here’s what I took
Cotton candies for two
Purple for me and blue for you. 

5. Nothing beats family!

I am really glad that we started and ended the year on a high note. My family has always been a tight bunch but it felt so much stronger this year. I cannot really pinpoint a big change. It was more on the small changes that we’ve embraced as a family. I became more open to my parents, whom we adorably refer to as The Masters; even about things that I usually shy from like my spiritual maturity. My brother and I hasn’t had a single fight in years and we can now talk about mature things as comfortably as when we talk about Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. My brother has sacrificed a lot of things for me and I owe him a lot for that. My sister and I have started to accept our differences and avoided our tempers to get in the way of healthy communication, making us learn how to listen to each other and to prove our points without raising our voices.

I love my family to death and I am determined to spend much more time with them this year. I am excited for our plans and I will make sure that we get to accomplish them one after another.

There you go!

I wasn’t really planning on sharing these publicly, much more write about it, but I’m glad I did. It helps to be reminded of the little blessings and accomplishments in your life from time to time. Only then can you be really thankful, persevere to do more, and be a better version of yourself year after year after year. 🙂