Pug-Ibig Nga Naman…

Good morning, Sunday!

Making a quick post because I’m having major sepanx. I just sent off my pug, Mr. Frodo, to a week-long rendezvous aka sexy time.

It’s sad because this’ll be the first time in a while that he’ll be away from us both for this long. But I’m comforted by the fact that he’ll finally have some happy time with a lady love.

Also, that we’ll have a full week to ourselves to cleanup the house — a long overdue task — and have some quality time together.

Man! I sound like a mom sending my kid to summer camp!

Anyway, I hope Mr. Frodo becomes a dad soon. Can’t wait to see a tiny Mr. Frodo once again.

Mr. F, this is our early birthday gift for you. You’ll no longer die a virgin! Haha! 😜

Magic Hour with Mr. F


Enjoying the afternoon sunshine with Mr. Frodo. One of the things that I love about our place is the view from our bedroom. We have a huge window beside our bed where you can see the metro skyline.


Despite the city noise and hurly burly of traffic (yes, we’re beside EDSA), this has been my refuge whenever I’m in a bad mood or just want to drown in my thoughts. Cris wouldn’t admit it, but I caught him looking out of the window, too, getting pensive whenever I’m being difficult (which is almost every day, lately).


Our view is good whatever the time and whatever the weather but it is the best during the magic hour. As soon as we get our windows cleaned *facepalm*, I’ll share some pictures with you. I already have a mini-project in mind but it’ll take some time to complete.


It’s a rare occasion that Mr. Frodo is this calm . He would usually bark nonstop at buses and cars that would honk excessively. We would always  joke that he’s a probinsyano who is not used to the city life.

But not today.

I think he knows that I need some peace and quiet and would like to share this with me — making this moment truly magical.