I’m officially back!

Well, not really. I’ve been back in the metro since yesterday but things have been topsy-turvy so I wasn’t able to blog immediately. My Boracay vacation has been great except for the hand injury that my roomie, Mils, has incurred while riding an ATV. On our first official day on the island. Bummer!

This is also the reason why I have to spend hours in the hospital yesterday for her check-up. She fractured two bones on her right hand so she needs to have a cast.

I know that having a hand injury while being in one of the most beautiful beaches can be a sucker but Mils is truly a fighter and managed to turn things around. She still enjoyed her vacation but we both made a pact that we’ll be back. Her, to conquer ATV, and enjoy the beauty of the island without nursing anything broken in her body; and I, to bask more under the sun and discover more hole-in-the-walls in every station of the island. 😉

Nothing’s gonna stop this girl from having fun!