Weekend at The Lakeshore

My stay at The Lakeshore, Pampanga last November has been fun! Christian tagged me along to join his friends from the office to have a chill weekend at Chinee's place. The road trip has been a blast, thanks to the lovely weather and good ol's music from the 90's. I did not doze off even... Continue Reading →

I’m officially back!

Well, not really. I've been back in the metro since yesterday but things have been topsy-turvy so I wasn't able to blog immediately. My Boracay vacation has been great except for the hand injury that my roomie, Mils, has incurred while riding an ATV. On our first official day on the island. Bummer! This is... Continue Reading →

Weekend Getaway

Woke up early today to prep for my weekend getaway this coming, ugh, weekend.Β We'll be staying in Boracay for 5 days so that would be what? 5 days of fun, booze, adventures, and pure awesomeness? Yes? YES!!! This is just my second time to be in Boracay. The last time I went there was Β 5... Continue Reading →

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