My Dearest, Husband.

Let me start with an apology.

I ruined your prized Lewis Hamilton shirt. The one that you’re saving for the Singapore Grand Prix this September. The one that was gifted by our valonqar.

I don’t know what’s worse:

(1) Me being so scatterbrained as of late that I tossed it in the washing machine (I was the one who told you to strictly hand wash it because the dryer will ruin it)


(2) You, not even the slightest angry at me.

“Polly, you tossed it in the wash… the print’s melted a bit…”, you said matter-of-factly.

You’ve always been that way with me.



When we lost Ezra, I was in a very difficult place. So difficult that I made it all about me. Blinded, I failed to see that you were hurting as much as I did.

Heck, it must have been worse for you seeing your wife having difficulty moving on. You probably felt that you not only lost Ezra, but on the brink of losing me, as well.

I read something recently that strongly resonated with me: “You wreck your own life and then, very gently, you wreck the lives of those around you”.

I hope I haven’t wrecked you yet in any way. I hope that I haven’t dampened your spirit.

You’re helping me recover, little by little. You were there for me in every tear, every frustration, every anxiety attack, every insecurity, every back-to-square-one… line.

And for that, I am very thankful.

My pain is your pain. My loss is equally your loss.

That I should not forget.

You would’ve been a great Papa to Ezra.

I love you.


Happy Father’s Day.


Always and Forever,

Your Wife

With Le Masters

My last day in Bicol was spent with my family. We celebrated Father’s Day over a simple lunch in Embarcadero de Legazpi. This is one of the new commercial hubs located by the city’s port. The place is a refreshing take on the usual mall restos that us, Bicolanos, are so used to.

Meet my brother, Buba. When we were kids we look so much alike that some of our friends would call us twins. But no, we have a 1-year difference. 😀

Lunch was a feast but I’m posting here my favorite dishes. Don’t get us wrong. We ordered some veggies too, but the Pinakbet (mixed vegetables simmered in fish paste) is a disappointment. Such a sucker since we always order a plate when we dine out as a family. Anyway, the grilled pusit (squid) is on top of my list followed by the crispy sisig (various parts of a pig’s head chopped and seasoned with calamansi and pepper). The grilled blue marlin belly and liempo (pork belly) are also good.

And here are my folks, whom my siblings and I fondly call “The Masters”. Aside from Father’s Day, we also celebrated their 28th Wedding Anniversary. I admire my parents so much because they are simple-minded, humble people who are still very much in love. While growing up, I always wanted to experience the thing that they have. My mom would usually act so excited when he hears my dad arriving after work. And my dad would usually troll around and try to evade her before giving her a kiss. Mushy, I know, but it’s something that is really hard to find these days.

Funny that I don’t exactly know their love story. I’ll make it a point to ask them next time we have our family bonding time.

As I’ve said, my vacation in Bicol was short but very sweet. Just a few nights ago, I found myself crying like a kid because I was missing them so much. 😦

It’s really hard to have a post-vacation depression. I know. I just made that up. But it’s going to be true. Just you wait. Haha! 😉

I can’t wait for next Bicol vacation with them. For sure, it’ll be much longer. 🙂