Down the Doughnut Hole We Go

It is National Doughnut Day in the US and although I live across the globe, let me talk about my recent ‘happy place’ discovery: JCo Donuts and Coffee. There are only 2 branches open in the Philippines right now and I am very lucky that one of them is just a few blocks away from my house. It’s in Megamall Strip B by the way if you want to check it out. The other one is in SM Mall of Asia.

Like most coffee shops, the place is cozy enough for meet-up with friends and after dinner dates. In our case, this was the highlight of our weekly Sundate after searching the mall for hardware stuff and watching a not-so-appealing-movie. What’s interesting is that while you’re at the counter queue, you can actually see the crew prepare the doughnuts, arranging them beautifully in trays. It’s such a gastronomic delight!

I got the Matcha green tea with almond and Christian settled for blueberry . I love the softness of the dough and how it tasted and smelled so fresh. It actually reminded me of Cello’s, another doughnut place that I love.

The crunchy almond shavings perfectly complimented the creaminess of the Matcha green tea spread. Christian was not so crazy about it, though. I can still remember his grimace when he took a bite. Haha!

These round darlings only cost 40 – 50 pesos each. Not bad considering the taste, quality, and currently, it’s novelty. I am quite excited to go back and try the other delectable flavors, and even the other yummy-looking dessert that they offer: savory sandwiches, frozen fat-free yogurt, and coffee-based beverages.

How about you, what’s your doughnut story? 🙂