A Spaghetti Story

When we were just dating, Christian shared with me his favorite spaghetti recipe. Up until then, the only pasta that I know how to cook is my roommate’s spicy tuna carbonara. Really simple because you only need to mix the canned tuna and the cream, let it simmer, then mix with your cooked spaghetti, or any other type of pasta that you want.

His recipe was a bit complicated for me then, a kitchen novice. It involved mincing garlic and onions, slicing hotdogs (Yes! We have hotdogs in our spaghetti because we’re born and raised in the Philippines! Haha!), pre-cooking the grounded beef, and perfectly mixing together his secret ingredients to make his preferred sauce. He’s not a fan of sweet spaghetti, like most Pinoys. He wants it tomato-ey and a bit spicy, thus, his “secret sauce”. Even the pasta, he wanted a very specific way of prepping.

All well and good if he actually prepped and cooked it from time to time, but no. He instructs, I execute.

Through the years, I’ve come to perfect his spaghetti recipe. I remember including in my silent wedding vow that I will cook his favorite spaghetti on his birthdays. Silent because we didn’t really say our vows out loud in front of everyone. But I’m getting out of topic.

Anyway, today is not his birthday but he’s been very stressed by work lately. In my effort to take a bit of his stress away, I went ahead and prepped his favorite meal. And I’m happy that it put a smile on his face.

I’ve read that to make a marriage work and to keep the love alive, you don’t need to do monumental gestures every single time. It’s the little things that matter that you consistently do.

You just need to know what makes your partner smile and you try your best to be a constant source of that smile.

Murphy’s Kitchen/Rapha’s Back

I cooked two pasta dishes today and both of them are a BIG FAIL. I don’t know… They just tasted blah. No amount of spice  can save the big mess that I’ve created. Ironic since I was really excited to prepare them as a surprise for Christian. 😦

Actually, I planned on cooking just one dish: a simple spaghetti. But I wasn’t satisfied with the taste so I set it aside in the far corner of the fridge and resorted to cooking the usual spicy tuna pasta. The one that he loves. But even that I couldn’t get right!

Oh well. There are just those days that Murphy’s Law is strongest. This is one of those.


On a lighter note, I filed a leave from work to free up my night. One of my good friends, Rapha, is back from Singapore so we’re gonna meet up later for dinner and coffee. There’s a lot of catching up to do so I’m really excited.

Yes, this early kitchen episode is such a bummer but I’ll feel better later once I’m surrounded with friends.

Simple Joys and Me Time

Spanish sardines pasta with thyme and ground white pepper
Teh Tarik foamy tea

Sometimes the little things in life are the greatest. Like cooking up a decent meal for yourself (after months of kitchen dormancy) and enjoying a hot cup of tea while hanging out in your veranda on a rainy, windy day.

I enjoy the company of my friends and my relationship with Christian, but I always make it a point that I allot a small time where I can be alone and do the things that I love. Having “me time” helps me to be more secure and in touch with my inner self.  🙂