Miss Pollypocket no more?

I would like to smack myself in the head for making promises that I can’t keep.

Since I failed to capture the days that have passed, I’ll make sure that I won’t do it again for the ones to come.

This is a promise that I will keep. ;)

This is a promise that I will keep. ;)

This is a promise that I will keep. ;)

This is an excerpt from one of my last posts. Even in the digital world, a promise is still a promise and it sucks whenever you can’t deliver your end of the bargain.

Creating a blog is easy. But maintaining it is another thing. Aside from creativity, you need to actually dedicate some of your time to keep it going. Just a few minutes ago, I started searching for another blog platform to dump my beginnings on. I’m thinking that maybe if I start anew, I will have the much-needed fuel to keep it going. How pathetic is that?

See, I have this habit of starting things and just leaving it hanging when I hit a stump. It’s annoying and I’m not proud of it. Much as I’m not proud that I’m rattling like an emo kid right now.

Hey, I’m Still Alive

See, when a blogger stops writing regularly it could only mean two *very different* things: either her life has been in the dumps that she can’t even think of anything to write about OR her life has been full of amazing happenings that she can’t even find time to write about them.

I’m relieved to say that with me, it is the latter.

The past days has been filled with food trips, movie dates, photography, adorable toys and kawaiis, and a very long weekend!

And the fun doesn’t stop here. The next days would be as awesome, if not more, as the past ones. Since I failed to capture the days that have passed, I’ll make sure that I won’t do it again for the ones to come.

This is a promise that I will keep. 😉


For the past few days, I’ve been hanging around in my old blog and got rather amused at the things that I’ve written. Quite a number of which were bleak but some were rather creative. One certain thing is I was one active writer. I don’t want to use the word diligent. It sounds so nerdy. But yeah, I was writing about almost anything. I wasn’t afraid of what someone would think of what I wrote about. If I wanted to write about it, I would… no matter how mundane the topic is.

I would like to go back to that kind of writing. I would like to tap on what’s left of my creative side. I think I’m sounding dramatic, and making it sound like a very big deal, but I once dreamt of becoming a writer someday. I may not live to become one, but I most certainly can write still.

And so, I decided to give this blog a face lift. I’ve been getting some ideas from some of my favorites and getting pretty excited about this. Wish me luck! 🙂

(A) Very Long Weekend(S)

So much has happened, so little time to write. Guess that’s what happens when you are overbooked. (-.-)

The past two weekends have been fun simply because they were long weekends. That means less time to work, more time to play. It did made me miss working at the office, though. Actually a good thing because I am losing motivation on my job. My job and I have a fluctuating relationship. But don’t worry, we get along most of the time.

Anyway, as I’ve said so much has happened during the past two weeks. I want to tell you ALL about it but let me just breath for a day or two. I must catch up on sleep. 🙂

The Internet and Binondo

I plan to write about my Saturdate with my sister, Nikki, but I’m having a hard time uploading the pics that go with it. Damn my internet connection. I’ll try my luck tomorrow. *cross fingers*

Anyway, I got invited by some of my friends from Bicol to go food tripping in Binondo tomorrow. I’m very excited! It’s my first time to go there and I’ve been fantasizing fantasizing about a Binondo trip for as long as I can remember. Yes, total food porn! Haha!

I should be going to sleep if I want to make in on time for brunch tomorrow. Tata for now! 🙂

Hello, Blogging. We meet again.

OK, let me start by giving you the honest reasons on why I started this blog:

1. I miss writing.

As a kid, my first real dream job is to be a writer which later turned into a journalist, and into a newscaster, and sadly ending in being part of the IT world. I’m not particularly good but I was into it like a typical little girl being into barbie dolls and playing house. Writing makes me excited and creative, and most importantly ushers me to be grammatically correct. And so, before I end up being swallowed by the whole texting/jejemon craze, I will make it a point that I write, or in this case, type in an acceptable and jeje-free fashion.

2. Posterity

I visited one of my old blogs a few days ago and was able to reconnect with my past self. Some posts were totally hilarious while some made me utter, “Who was this girl? What was she thinking?” and stuff like that. Nonetheless, I felt happy that I got a glimpse of my old self which I think contributed a lot to who I am right now. Also, it’s fun to write about the things that you did and the places that you went to especially if it comes with a kick-ass collage.

3. Goal

Yes, to start a new blog is one of my goals this year. I’d be happy to share in here the complete list as soon as I figure out how to add another tab or section specifically for that purpose. To have this as a 2012 goal may be lame to some but I think it would be a very healthy diversion for me. Don’t worry, my days of being a rant-y early adolescent is over. I will try my best to keep this blog as positive as I can. So if you think of visiting this in the hopes of getting some dirty dish, get out!

So there. That’s my feeble and kind of lengthy way of saying “Hello, world!”. I hope I didn’t take away your precious 5 minutes.