Miss Pollypocket no more?

I would like to smack myself in the head for making promises that I can't keep. Since I failed to capture the days that have passed, Iโ€™ll make sure that I wonโ€™t do it again for the ones to come. This is a promise that I will keep.ย  This is a promise that I will... Continue Reading →

Hey, I’m Still Alive

See, when a blogger stops writing regularly it could only mean two *very different* things: either her life has been in the dumps that she can't even think of anything to write about OR her life has been full of amazing happenings that she can't even find time to write about them. I'm relieved to... Continue Reading →


For the past few days, I've been hanging around in my old blog and got rather amused at the things that I've written. Quite a number of which were bleak but some were rather creative. One certain thing is I was one active writer. I don't want to use the word diligent. It sounds so... Continue Reading →

(A) Very Long Weekend(S)

So much has happened, so little time to write.ย Guess that's what happens when you are overbooked. (-.-) The past two weekends have been fun simply because they were long weekends. That means less time to work, more time to play. It did made me miss working at the office, though. Actually a good thing because... Continue Reading →

The Internet and Binondo

I plan to write about my Saturdate with my sister, Nikki, but I'm having a hard time uploading the pics that go with it. Damn my internet connection. I'll try my luck tomorrow. *cross fingers* Anyway, I got invited by some of my friends from Bicol to go food tripping in Binondo tomorrow. I'm very... Continue Reading →

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