To Pinatubo: On Board a 4×4

Last May 12, Christian and I and some of our friends from work headed over to Pampanga for our Mt. Pinatubo hike. This is my first time to go to Pinatubo and see the infamous ruins. I was so psyched. The trek started with an hour travel through the barren lahar-laden lands on-board a 4X4. It was an exciting and bumpy ride.

In the middle of the 4×4 ride, we all took a pit stop for some photo ops. I stood on a cliff, trying to capture its steepness, but I failed. Oh well. All photos here were taken by my HTC phone camera by the way. I just did some minor tweaks in Lr for them to be more acceptable. 😀

The weather was moody that day. One minute the sun is shining brightly, the next minute it would be gloomy. But we’re thankful that it did not rain. In the middle of the trip, though, one of the vehicles got stuck in the creeks causing several minutes of delay. Another 4×4 need to pull it out of the pit for it to move forward.

Let me just say that this has been a visually-interesting trip. The rock formations… the native Aetas that lurks by the boulders… even the stray fox-like dogs looking for  a shade.

After the 4×4 ride, the real fun begun. I will tell you all about it  in my next post. 😉