Wednesday Surprises

This has been a day full of mini-surprises and quick wins! I am lucky I am surrounded by thoughtful people even though I act like an idiot most of the time. Haha!

Miko gave Jing and I twin fish coin purses from his vacation in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It’s sooooooooo cute and smells good. I just love the smell of new leather. ūüėÄ
Miko’s friend, Godfrey, whom I just met today gave us a box of these yummy Caramel Bars from Max’s. Sweet!
Jing brought her special baked potatoes in the office. This picture doesn’t give justice to how it actually tastes. Just look at all those bacon, and cheese, and mushroom. @_@
Coffee break with Janine, Jing, and Egay whom I haven’t talked to or hang out with for a long time due to her maternity leave.
Egay’s Grande Macchiato treat for me. Yay! (Told you this day is full of treats!)
Supple leather jacket for the cold. I went to the office wearing a sheer blouse and mini. But towards mid-shift it started to get cold so this baby kept me warm.  I love the satin material inside.

Today is also the 2nd day of our photo challenge. In a way, I am thankful that I have this mini-project with my friends because it requires me to do something “creative” everyday and it makes me write about something. Yeah, every picture taken has a story behind it. And here’s mine:¬†Again, my puny HTC phone camera is hopeless in taking self-portraits so I didn’t really try to work on our project. Towards the end of the day, Janine lent her IXUS to me, prompting me to upload my pin on our Pinterest board already. Yes, I’m the only one who hasn’t. And so, taking her cam, I headed over to an empty conference room and took some shots.

Anybody here agree with me that taking self-portraits is difficult? Or maybe I’m just too self-conscious¬†especially since anybody can just barge inside the room and find me looking like a dork.

The First of May

Raining on my parade — that’s what literally happened today. I was excited about this day because ¬†of two things: (1) it’s a holiday; (2) Christian and I planned on heading over to the UP Diliman grounds for a little picnic and photo walk. I even put on my printed sheer full skirt and brought a picnic mat to jive in with out planned activities.

But troll weather is troll. What started as a sunny afternoon ended up rainy.

Then I remembered! It’s May 1 — of course, it’s gonna rain! The demigods mandated it. Well, not really the demigods, but as far as I can remember, it has always rained on this date every year. When we were kids, we used to have so much fun bathing in the rain. In our town, the old folks refer to it as “Agua de Mayo”. The rain on the first day of May is believed to have magical remedies that can cure you of any illness.

But back to the story, yeah, our picnic date was cancelled. We decided to have a movie/TV series marathon instead. We watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones and the movie I am Number Four, had free yummy dinner cooked by Christian’s aunt, and visited Moonleaf at Maginhawa. I’ve been curious for months about this place. It’s popular among UP students because of their milk tea and desserts. It was a so-so for me. Gong Cha remains the best when it comes to Wintermelon Milk Tea.

I also took some self-portrait pictures for day 1 of our 30-day photo challenge. Since I’m at Christian’s, I was able to take full advantage of his SLR, speedlight, and tripod. Haha!

Here are some of the raw pics:

In the end, I realized that taking good self-portraits is a no-easy feat. But it’s a lot of fun, nonetheless. I will practice and experiment more on it next time.

Despite the rain, the First of May turned out quite OK. ūüôā