Mayon. Magayon.

Daraga Church
Sumlang Lake
Fit for a postcard
“She’s truly majestic!”
“Magayon talaga!”
Padang Memorial
Mayon Skyline

Mayon was derived from the word magayon which literally translates to beautiful. Legend has it that the perfect cone volcano was formed from the burial place of lovers, daragang Magayon (beautiful maiden) and Panganoron, who both died during the latter’s battle with Pagtuga (eruption). Pagtuga, also in love with Magayon but never reciprocated, waged war against Panganoron when he knew about their relationship.

Magayon became the majestic volcano and Panganoron is the clouds that surround her, sometimes becoming too protective that he doesn’t want to show him to anyone unworthy of her beauty.

📷: Minolta X-700

🎞: Kodak Pro 100 | Kodak Portra 400 


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