Dear, Ezra.

Mama and Papa have been looking forward to this date for the past three months. Today is supposed to be the day that they officially announce to everyone that they have you. That you've been secretly nesting in Mama's womb -- a sneaky little Tadpolly. But things did not work out as planned. A week... Continue Reading →

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Attack of the Clones

I don't know what happened over the past 15 years but it seems that female clones are everywhere. You know what I mean. The groups of 3 - 5 girls who are all dressed alike, have the same dyed, keratin-treated hair, the same ultra-white sneakers you need to put your Ray Bans on to avoid... Continue Reading →

Is Monday Really That Manic?Β 

What is it with Monday that makes majority of us cringe? Is it because it's the end of the weekend and signals the start of our usual stressful work week?  I was about to relate this article to a song I heard last week on Spotify just to help me kick Monday in the ass.... Continue Reading →

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