Paraws and Sunsets

One of my favorite moments during our Boracay vacation. On our last day, we decided to go paraw sailing to catch the sunset. A paraw is a typical sailboat here in the Philippines, and like any other sailboat, it gets its speed and direction from the wind and waves that carries it. The paraw travel has been exciting and super fun because of the big waves splashing at us while we were busy getting our afternoon fill of beer and margarita.

In the middle of the sea, the boatmen threw down the anchor and let us marvel on the golden sky while the waves below rocked us. Nothing beats the beauty of the sunset when you’re one with nature. Whether you’re atop a mountain peak or just bummin’ by the beach, sunsets are always a magical experience.

Quirky June Wedding

 Here are some of the phone pics that I took last Saturday. It was a simple yet fun church wedding followed by a beachfront reception.  Well, we were forced to transfer to the in-house venue since the weather was not cooperating. Shoot! Bicol weather can be such a sucker…

We were very cooperative with the wedding’s color theme: yellow, blue, and turquoise. I so love our color splash, I couldn’t resist taking a snap while the priest is officiating. 😉

 This is a mostly-DIY wedding showcasing the bride’s creativity. I can never handle something like this (ever) so I was really impressed.

All the boys were wearing tidy white high-cut Chucks, including this cute ring-bearer that I saw playing around by the door. The flower girls looked so bubbly-cute in their yellow and turquoise umpire ensemble. 🙂

For the wedding’s guest book, they printed out a photo book of their pre-nuptial shots. It’s so adorable! Their personalities really shone and their 3-year-old daughter, Jazz, is such a cutie! I’m thinking of doing something like this on my own wedding but with Polaroid shots. I just wish I could afford it. $_$

And who wouldn’t love this cool vintage custom bridal car with the equally quirky plate? 😀 

Going Adele for a Night

In one of the nights of our Gen San vacation, Christian’s aunts took us to Saranggani Highlands for a few bottle of beers and some hours of chillin. The place is so nice at night.  With the antique-ish upholstery and nature friendly ambiance, it’s like a fusion of Sonya’s Garden (Tagaytay) and Bohol Bee Farm. I was not too crazy with the food, though. It was just blah.

Le Pollypocket Pose

We mostly took some pictures and breathed in the beauty of the place but the highlight of the evening for me would be my jam with the band. Christian’s aunts were so insistent on me coming up the stage and belt out some songs. I sang Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You because I’m thick-faced like that. Haha!

I would like to post the videos that Christian took but I’m not ready to humiliate myself over the internet yet. Maybe next time. :p