Dear, Angel.

Today, you gave me a little sign from heaven. I was on my way home when that Jon Secada’s song played on the cab’s radio.

I haven’t told anyone this before but it was almost the same time this year, well maybe the exact moment, when the same thing happened.

And when I heard that song a year ago, it made me sad to the point of crying. At that time, I attributed it to pregnancy hormones. And nostalgia.

Two and a half weeks later, I lost you.

During my recovery, I was thinking.. A LOT. I guess it’s our normal instinct to make sense of everything by putting together pieces of memories leading up to an event.

And this is what I realized:

This song must have been your way of slowly saying goodbye.

I actually lost you before you hit your 11th week but the doctor’s diagnosis is you stopped growing at 8th.

Around this time last year…

It may just be a coincidence, but I feel it deep in my heart that it’s not.

Here I am a year after– hearing your song again. Our song. But this time, I take it as your way of saying,

Hello! How are you, Mama?

Mama’s doing fine, baby. I am writing this with a smile on my face because I know you’re in a better place now. I hope it’s ok if I chose the song for us. Because you really are my Angel… and your light will always shine.


Today, I learned a hard lesson from marriage: Never be afraid to ask help from your spouse.

No matter how much you think it’ll upset him. The more you keep your problems to yourself, the more it’ll eat you up inside. And that, would ultimately translate how you interact with him daily.

The words that you uttered during the wedding ceremony aren’t just words. They are vows.

For better, for worse

For richer, for poorer

In sickness and in health

And those words should never be taken lightly.

Do not treat your spouse as your best friend only during the good times. More so, during the bad.

For who else should you keep as your uttermost confidante than the person you said these words with?

A Pollypocket Wedding Story

Cris and I have been married for over a year now but we still haven’t sifted through all the pictures and videos of the event.  It’s not that we’re not excited about it. There were just unforeseen circumstances last year that hindered us from doing so…

I plan to share some pictures and videos here soon (before we hit our 2nd Anniversary, hopefully).

Meanwhile, I’d like to share the highlights of our wedding wonderfully documented by Atmosphere Creatives Films.

Before watching, I’d like to share some trivia and mishaps which made our wedding more memorable than usual:

  1. We wanted a subtle Star Wars theme so we decided on having white wedding. You know, Stormtroopers. 😉 We also wanted everyone to feel that they are one with us in celebration.
  2. I didn’t really care if my bridesmaids were wearing white dresses. In fact, I loved it! It’s a little nod to Princess Leia from Episode 4, in her all white dress. I also let them chose the design of their dresses because I wanted them to be comfortable and feel pretty on that day.
  3. Cris was adamant in letting his groomsmen wear Barong Tagalog, our national menswear. He has this nationalistic quirk.
  4. I wasn’t very meticulous when it came to my gown which backfired a little since I only got it a day before and it wasn’t a perfect fit. But it’s OK. My only non-negotiable was met: I was able to walk, move, and run freely on it.
  5. I was not the quintessential pretty bride! I had my braces removed for the ceremony which made me look like I was wearing dentures. Haha! But hey, I was one of the happiest, as evidenced by the circumference of my mouth every time I laugh.
  6. We chose a venue that would feel like we’re just celebrating the wedding in our own backyard. Some guests must have felt the logistics was messy or magulo, sorry about that. But I enjoyed just freely walking around and not be on stage throughout the whole event (with everyone watching).
  7. We were so stubborn on renting a tent during the preps because we really wanted to celebrate under the stars. It was raining hard the night before so we succumbed. We were very, very lucky there’s still one ordinary tent available so we booked it immediately. BUT the night sky was super clear during the reception. *facepalm* *flips table* My mommy would later approach me saying she was happy that her year-long prayer of a good wedding day weather was answered. Alright then. :))
  8. We rented a beer keg for the reception but the supplier never made it. The delivery truck went awry and decided to give up on itself. We were lucky that we had friends who were willing to drive to the city nearby to buy beer cases for the after party. There were still 2 untouched beer cases the morning after.
  9. Finalizing the wedding guest list was one of the most challenging task for us. We both came from big families so there were limited slots for friends. I had some guy friends from high school who asked me if they can still go. They don’t need a table in the reception, they said. They just want to go to the church and see me get married. And attend the after party. Awwww… 😦
  10. I really, really love our wedding kiss(es). It felt like the most natural thing. ❤
  11. We asked our friends to perform Dreams by the Cranberries and Prom by Sugarfree during the reception because The Cranberries was the first concert that we went to and Sa Wakas was the first play that we watched as a couple. We ended up having Ebe Dancel actually singing Prom via a pre-recorded video. It was a sweet surprise from Mama and the Villanos siblings.
  12. I’m so happy that there’s a church who allowed Mr. Frodo, our pug, to walk down the aisle as our ring bearer. If you’re still wondering why we named him Mr. Frodo, well, there you go!
  13. We were married on a Friday 13th because that’s also the day and date when we first met. We were also engaged on a Friday 13th. Contrary to popular belief, we consider it our lucky day.  And that’s also the reason why I’m posting these 13 trivia on a Friday. 😉

Now I need to stop blabbing so you can start watching. 😀

I can’t stop laughing while watching our church ceremony, especially when we were exchanging our wedding vows. We looked like two giddy teenagers out on their first date.