you and your Cold Brew

I find myself going to a different cafe than where we frequent to. It’s getting harder and harder now but I know that I need to get away from you, from us.

I listened intently to the song playing in this cafe — to drown out the noise, to wash away your smile. But the song talked about a love that couldn’t be, a love that shouldn’t be. So I find myself, and my thoughts, drifting towards you once more.

Yes, I’ve been thinking about you. More than I should be, more than you know. Meanwhile, you’re probably thinking about everything except me.

But it’s ok.

Let me think of you until I no longer need to.

You’re probably scribbling your way into one of your stories as you hastily  drink your cold brew. Stories that you’ve crafted in your head — part truth, part fiction, and everything you’ve dreamed about.

I wish I could read them one day.

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