Friday 13th

It’s been a very busy work week — me catching up on my new role with an ongoing transition, and the husband caught up in their upcoming weekend release activities. Despite this, we were able to squeeze in some family time to mini-celebrate this important date – our Friday 13th.

People who know us must be tired of hearing how special this day is for us. Heck, I started this day thinking that this date might be starting to lose its meaning as we grow older and be occupied with more adult-y things. Until I got a message from a friend: Randomly remembered you. Happy Friday 13th.

And it instantly reminded me to keep holding on to our little things — the little things that are ours and ours alone. That no matter how old we get or how adult-y things become, we don’t forget to be silly and be giddy and believe in seemingly illogical things like fate and luck.

I’m happy that we get to celebrate this date now with our Bellabot. She was almost born on a Friday 13th, did you know? But the rulers of the fate must have decided that enough is enough and so they willed all of their powers to let Bellabot out in this world a day before.

Forgive me, my imagination goes wild when I’m happy.

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