Daydream Believer

Back in 2016, we had a shoot for our Save the Date video. It’s one of my favorite moments during the wedding preps because my husband and I love conceptualizing things that stretch our creativities.

We had our official photographer attend the shoot so he can also get some BTS shots to be used for our wedding guestbook. But the video itself was only shot by our friends, and later on edited by me and Cris.

Until now, this is still one of my favorite things that we did together:

During the wedding preps, we tried to stray away from all the (unnecessary) glitz. Instead, we focused on what matters most: just getting married. Simple.

After all, whenever we talked about and thought about our wedding before, we mostly talked about the future — OUR future, which is what this video is all about.

This made me realize that we’re slowly living the married life that we used to just dream of. You see, earlier this year, we found out I was pregnant and we couldn’t be happier. It was three years of praying, wishing, hoping, and heartbreaks so hearing this news from our OBG felt like it’s been a long time coming.

8 months into our pregnancy, Cris asked me to do a shoot. This totally surprised me because he’d rather take multiple photos of a building or a plant or his action figures than take a single photo of me without making a face (true story whenever we travel or go somewhere nice).

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions of my swab test, we cannot go out so we just maximized our place for the shoot. Which reminded me of this video. Why not recreate some of them into our shoot?After all, there are some elements there that now holds true today.

Rewatching the video and looking at these pictures made me truly excited about the present and the future — both near and far.

It’s lovely when daydreams turn into realities, don’t you think?

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