Postcard to Self: Bicol

Being in a different place gives you a different perspective in life, sometimes to the point of a much needed realization. So I started this travel habit of sending postcards to myself.

It’s like having a time travelling journal. You get to write down your current thoughts and a few weeks later, your future self gets to read them. The romanticism of it all speaks volume to me.

So imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t find a single postcard in Legazpi when I vacationed there. Plenty of cards for Boracay, Davao, and Cebu but our conical beauty was missing. Drats!

However, I’m not one to break a budding habit just yet. I’m going to use one of my photos instead (which I hope is close enough to the commercially sold ones) as my postcard to self.

Quitinan, Camalig, Albay

Dear, Future Dada.

I hope that as you get old, you cling to good memories more. Let her presence be a reminder of your happy childhood, of a home that you can always retreat to when living in the city gets too stressful.

Life will sometimes be hard, like a bumpy and tiring tricycle ride. Life will sometimes scare you, like claps of lightning and thunder on a rainy night.

But through it all, you will always have a family who will enjoy that tiring and bumpy ride with you. You will always have him to hug when the lightning strikes too close.

You will always have your rainbow. Your Phoenix will surely come.


Presently Hopeful Dada

P.S. She’s truly majestic, isn’t she?


These were my exact thoughts while we’re on our way back from an afternoon hike at Quitinday Hills. We rented a tricycle to and fro, and the ride back to the main town got a little scary. It was raining hard, almost a storm, and lightning bolts were illuminating the dark, cloudy skies. But despite the difficult and scary journey, we got back safe and happy. And that’s what matters most.

Same as in life…

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