I just want to make a quick post while everything is still in my head… And in my heart…

The past days I have crawled back to my lethargic self. I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, mainly due to a recent illness that I’ve acquired. Two months after my D&C and here I am, fresh with a newfound abnormality. I hope this can be cured by the numerous meds that I’m currently taking. I’m crossing my fingers that the good doctor would be the bearer of good news come Tuesday.

As such, I have postponed my Yoga and Muay Thai trainings yet again. Why is it that every time I try to get up on my feet, something bigger tries to push me down further? How can one person be so unlucky in just a span of two short months?

All these negative thoughts are encircling my head day and night. I confided this to my husband when I couldn’t take it anymore. Cris told me, in turn, that I should go out and not confine myself in the four corners of our condo. I need to take a breather, he said.

And a breather I took today. 

I went to visit Mils in her condo, which is also my previous home. Before getting married, I was renting a room in her condo. She was still on leave due to a recent eye operation. Lately, we always talk about how we are in the real world now, facing and dealing with real adult problems. We have arrived to an obvious and inevitable conclusion that we are getting older. 

Two of our college friends also visited her so I got to spend time with them, as well. We spent the day looking for trashy reality TV shows and laughing at them, eating pizzas and mojos, and jamming — they sang and I played the guitar, more like.

This was definitely the breather that I needed. 

The husband was right. The road to recovery would entail some action on my part. Start with little steps; one day at a time. Take it slow until you’re strong enough to take everything in stride.

All you need is to take that first step and get out of the four walls of your room. Let a little sunshine touch your face. And if you’re luckier, a little bit of moonshine*, too.

*On our way home, I caught a glimpse of the half moon in the sky. It was a beautiful sight. I wouldn’t have seen it if I did not go out today. 😊 

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