Is Monday Really That Manic? 

What is it with Monday that makes majority of us cringe? Is it because it’s the end of the weekend and signals the start of our usual stressful work week? 

I was about to relate this article to a song I heard last week on Spotify just to help me kick Monday in the ass. It’s called “I Don’t Like Mondays” by The Boomtown Rats. The song has a comic tune — the kind that you hear in children’s shows like Sesame Street. I actually had a vision of it being sung by a puppet. If you plan on finishing this, I urge you to listen to the song first:

Playing it again today and reading about it (yes, I read about the songs that catch my attention), I found out that the song has a very dark background. 

It was inspired by a 1979 school shooting in San Diego. A crime committed by a 16-yo girl who doesn’t like Monday. How freaky. To be able to justify the monstrosity all because you hate this specific day. Now I’m thinking twice of having this song on my playlist and singing along with it. The equally freaky video doesn’t help either. 

Oh well. Will try to listen to a cheerier playlist to jumpstart my day and push this off my mind. 

Let’s all try not to hate Monday too much so it’ll be equally good to us. 

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