Miss Pollypocket no more?

I would like to smack myself in the head for making promises that I can’t keep.

Since I failed to capture the days that have passed, I’ll make sure that I won’t do it again for the ones to come.

This is a promise that I will keep. ;)

This is a promise that I will keep. ;)

This is a promise that I will keep. ;)

This is an excerpt from one of my last posts. Even in the digital world, a promise is still a promise and it sucks whenever you can’t deliver your end of the bargain.

Creating a blog is easy. But maintaining it is another thing. Aside from creativity, you need to actually dedicate some of your time to keep it going. Just a few minutes ago, I started searching for another blog platform to dump my beginnings on. I’m thinking that maybe if I start anew, I will have the much-needed fuel to keep it going. How pathetic is that?

See, I have this habit of starting things and just leaving it hanging when I hit a stump. It’s annoying and I’m not proud of it. Much as I’m not proud that I’m rattling like an emo kid right now.

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