Of Travels and Budgets

Today, I had dinner with my friend, Val, who just came back from his vacation in South Korea. I enjoyed looking through his pictures and listening to his stories and experiences in the country. I am pretty much stoked! In less than a week, I’ll be freezing my ass off  1600 miles away from here and experience my first autumn or winter, whichever is the case.

One of the most important discussion that we had, of course, was the budget. Whenever I travel, I see to it that I don’t get too hyped up with the place that I lose control of my expenses. I know that there’s this ongoing YOLO fever and “never convert because you’ll never be able to buy anything!” thing going on in the travelling world, but I believe the opposite. In times of travel, it is still best to be frugal. I always convert not only because I’m a cheapskate but also because I want to make sure that I get the most out of everything. I mean why buy something that you’re not really in love with? Why stuff yourself with expensive food that’s not really worth it? Pardon me, but I believe in the magic of cheap thrills. And cultural immersion, of course.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not particularly uptight about these things. If the price is right and the thing is really worth the spending, why not?

Anyway, he told me that 20K PHP is enough for 5 days. This is a big whoop considering that I’ve been saving 30 – 40k for our trip. I don’t fully believe that this is possible for me (Sorry, Val! Haha!) but I can take it as a challenge. No harm in trying, right?

Speaking of another tight-budget getaway is our weekend trip to Pampanga. Christian’s friend, Chinee, invited us to her provincial house for their housewarming and some post-bday celebrations. For this, I’d like to do a 2K PHP-challenge. My friend, Maryann, originally challenged me to do the 1K PHP-challenge saying she did that before in one of her Laguna trips and she survived. But I don’t think I can do that in my case given the more expensive gas, toll fees, and food and booze share. So yeah, I increased it to 2K PHP.

This, actually, came up because Maryann and I were discussing our itinerary for the SK trip and I told her that I have another trip to spend on. She told me about her Laguna budget-challenge and I bit into it.

So there goes. Wish me luck! Lots of it! 😀

2 thoughts on “Of Travels and Budgets

    1. I’m not planning on reaching 30K either. Just an estimate. Sana nga I can make the 20k-challenge. Kase marami ding babayaran pa sa airport (travel tax, terminal fee). Grr!


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