YOLO Friday

Over dinner two nights ago, Grace (a friend from work) told us something about the paranormal. It was rather an interesting topic over a not-so-appetizing meal of honey lemon wings, spicy squid, and croquettes. Thank you for the unexpected disappointment Grub Shack. I always thought that your wings are the best. Now I’m really having doubts. >_<

Back to the topic, I was in the middle of my second wing when she told us about a friend of a friend of a friend’s mom having this ability to know some things that will happen in the future. She was able to predict that something bad will happen on the midnight of the 22nd and 26th of this month and the only safe place to be here in the Philippines is in Antipolo City — a good 18 or 19 km away from where I am right now.

I don’t normally believe in these kind of things but it can be kinda freaky. Especially when the said mom was able to predict the deaths of two people, one of which is the father of Grace’s friend’s network. I’m not actually sure if it’s Friend 1, 2, or 3. I got lost in the whole degrees of separation mess. But yeah, she confirmed that it was true.

So given the mom’s credentials, I must admit that it can give you some doubts just thinking about it. I would like to put emphasis on the work “thinking”, which is very different from “believing”. We’re joking about this right now. Like how we don’t want to end up alone and miserable so we’re gonna be with friends and eat a good meal and enjoy each other’s company yada yada yada.

We’re definitely going to laugh about all this craziness if it doesn’t come to pass. But for now, excuse me. I need to do something fun. After all, You Only Live Once.

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