How To Amuse Yourself During PMS

It’s that time of the month once again when my hormones are at an all-time high. I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time now, irregular as it may. I should have been used to the symptoms: I’m bloated, in danger of a zit spritz, munching at anything that I set my eyes on (uh-oh!), and having the abominable mood swings.

And so, while I am anticipating this once-a-month-gender-specific-warzone-under, I have subjected myself into several activities that could favor my mood swings into the positive.

1. Watch re-runs of The Big Bang Theory. These bunch of nerds are really hilarious. They got me LOL-ing at 3am in the morning, prolly pestering my neighbors who are on the brink of REM. Re-watching the series made me question myself why I stopped watching in the middle of Season 3. Also, if I secretly want to be a nerd in the afterlife or in the near future.

2. Get greasy, unhealthy food delivered. Because I’m too lazy to cook and too lazy to even go out and buy myself a meal. I tried to convince myself (and it worked!) that this is just a one-time thing. That what I will gain from all these junk loading will soon be lost in all the cardio exercises that I will be doing in coming days. I am crossing my fingers hard on this hypothesis guesswork.

3. Fire up Itunes and have a music trip.  While at it, I do a variation of singalongs:  the loud, head-banging, rocker type; the I’m-lazy-singing-this-song-but-I’m-gonna-do-it-anyway hipster type; the perky, shoulder-shaking, body shaking, Gleek type; and the multi-talented musician who can alternately play various imaginary musical instruments type. Once I’ve felt that I’m being overly stupid, I just put on my earphones and enjoy the music like a normal person would.

4. Read the remaining chapters of Game of Thrones: Clash of Kings. Out loud. In British accent. Mimicking the tone and voice of the characters in the HBO TV series. Trying to give myself a pat in the back while silently mumbling, “Hey, you’re not going bonkers. It’s a good practice in improving your diction”. Yeah.

5. Have a flimsy relationship with my bed. Toss and turn. Curl up like a fetus while feigning sleep. Flipping my pillows from time to time to get the fresh, bulgy, non-sagging  side. Nothing beats the comfort of my own bed, really. But why flimsy? Because I need to constantly remind myself that this shouldn’t last long. And that I shouldn’t get too attached.

So there goes… It may seem that I’m tossing my day’s productivity out of the window. But then again, this is just a one-time thing. However, PMS happens every month so this might just be a beginning of a cycle.

Alright, I should stop myself now. Too many negative conjunctions going on in a single paragraph. I will have my PMS in peace.

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