Answering the Question. Questioning the Answer.

You know what they say about women asking you something. Most of the time, they ask not to get an answer. They ask because they want to get a confirmation.

It is the match that lights up the fire. Starting slowly, setting up embers, growing bigger and bigger by the minute. This is just the beginning. When affirmation comes in, that’s when the full blow happens. She starts letting off steam that could make you feverish. She may start spewing off little balls of fires that could  seriously burn you. Don’t even tell her that she’s a dragon. You will just make things worse.

But actually, that’s not too bad. The worst thing is when she implodes – preferring to keep the heat inside to the point that it crushes her violently. When that happens, it’s very hard, almost impossible, to go back from where things used to be.

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