Murphy’s Kitchen/Rapha’s Back

I cooked two pasta dishes today and both of them are a BIG FAIL. I don’t know… They just tasted blah. No amount of spice  can save the big mess that I’ve created. Ironic since I was really excited to prepare them as a surprise for Christian. 😦

Actually, I planned on cooking just one dish: a simple spaghetti. But I wasn’t satisfied with the taste so I set it aside in the far corner of the fridge and resorted to cooking the usual spicy tuna pasta. The one that he loves. But even that I couldn’t get right!

Oh well. There are just those days that Murphy’s Law is strongest. This is one of those.


On a lighter note, I filed a leave from work to free up my night. One of my good friends, Rapha, is back from Singapore so we’re gonna meet up later for dinner and coffee. There’s a lot of catching up to do so I’m really excited.

Yes, this early kitchen episode is such a bummer but I’ll feel better later once I’m surrounded with friends.

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