Earlier today, I tweeted and posted this as status in my Twitter and FB:

I think it’s highly impossible to find someone who, in any way, has not been touched by music.

This was a result of my never-ending doodling yesterday when I’ve got nothing to do and just passing the time. As a music lover, it’s really hard for me to understand someone who is not into it. I live with music. I grew up with it. Sometimes, something won’t be a memory if there’s no music associated with it. Remember the song playing while you were hanging out with your friends and having your infinite moment, the song that you sang with your batchmates during graduation, or the song that was playing in your head when you first fell in love?

But one friend replied with, “Deaf since birth?”. That got me into thinking. He has a point.

Just when I thought that I thought of something brilliant, someone with a much realistic idea contradicts it. This is what I love about having discussions with smart people. They never stop you from thinking. It’s humbling, really. 🙂

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