Weekend Getaway

Woke up early today to prep for my weekend getaway this coming, ugh, weekend. We’ll be staying in Boracay for 5 days so that would be what? 5 days of fun, booze, adventures, and pure awesomeness? Yes? YES!!!

This is just my second time to be in Boracay. The last time I went there was  5 or 6 years ago so I’m pretty curious on the many changes that I will see. I’m excited to try out new activities, too — parasailing, cliff diving, sunset ride on a paraw… even a sweet breakfast by the cabana overlooking the beautiful beachfront view.

I’m crossing my fingers that it will not rain, even for a day. I know it’s too much to ask given the bitchy weather here in the Philippines and it’s mid-July already but please rain deities, I’m begging all of you!!!

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