Happy Thors-day

My day started earlier than what I’m used to. I have to meet up with Christian who’s too excited to get his new baby toy. He’s rather embarrassed to talk about it or post something about it so let’s just stick to baby toy. 😀

And since waking up early does “wonder” to my stomach, we both headed over to Sushi-Ya to have our ramen fix. Nothing like a good, hot, Gomuko ramen to ease a queasy tummy.

Work at the office is pretty much the same but it involved a lot of floor and room transfers because we’re trying to get away from something. What, you may ask. Nothing, I will say. Relax, it’s nothing illegal. Anyway, something interesting caught my eye on one of the floors of our building.

And The Case of the Invisible Extinguisher was born.  Sorry, I’m getting corny. But seriously, what happens if a fire suddenly breaks out?

On another note, I’m enjoying some of the new apps in my phone right now. Reading Archie (in digital form) takes me back to my good old childhood days when I would borrow copies from my classmates and read it in one seating. Yeah, I don’t have extra cash to spare to buy my own copies. These were really expensive back in the days so I resorted to borrowing. But it never prevented me from being a fan. 🙂

And I might be a late bloomer but I just discovered some amazing filters outside of Instagram. These pictures were taken using the Camera360 app  in Magic Skin – Sexy Lips and Magic Color – Pink.

I rarely post head-on, eyes-straight-into-the-camera, self-portrait photos because I look like a dork when I try to do something serious or sexy (I shudder at the thought of using sexy and I in one sentence). But let me this time. I love how they made me look like I was owning very cool shades of lippies. 😀

There are so many other filters to choose from, and they are not at all limited to the vintage-y vibe that the Instagram filters all have in common. Can’t wait to try them all and do some experiments.

And by the way, pardon the blog title. You might be getting tired of all the Thor-isms circulating in Facebook, Twitter, and who-knows-where-else. But hey, it can get a little contagious.

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