4th of July

It is universally known that the 4th of July is the US Independence Day but it used to be the Philippines’, too. Yes, we originally celebrated our Independence Day with America but was later changed back to June 12, the day when the country’s independence from Spain was declared in Cavite. Now, the 4th of July is commonly known in the Philippines as the Filipino-American Friendship Day. This happened in the 1940s when the then US President recognized the Philippines independence from American rule.

OK, enough of history lecture! It doesn’t change the fact that I need to go to the office today and work. It has been raining here for the past 3 days so the throng of umbrellas in the office lobby is not an alien sight.

As gloomy as the day is, I was surprised by 2 of my friends with sweet gifts. Manimin, a friend from grade school, paid me a visit. She’s planning a birthday surprise for another common friend and she needed my help. I willfully agreed. I love BIG surprises, as long as I’m not the one being surprised. I’m weird that way. I just don’t know how to react to something that I, most of the time, am already expecting. I can spot a surprise directed towards me from miles away. Haha!

Anyway, in exchange of my wilfulness, she gave me this colorful Krispy Kreme donut. She’s still thoughtful until now. 🙂

Another friend, Gelai, who just came back from Hong Kong brought me back some cute goodies – red chopstick for dummies and a silver key chain (which I totally adore!). 🙂

So there, I got my fair share of the 4th of July of Friendship Day even if none of them are Americans. Haha!

Anyway, have a happy Independence Day, US! 🙂

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