Bicol Road Trip

I was mostly awake during our road trip to Bicol, which is quite a miracle actually given my travel sleep streak. Anyway, it was good because I was able to observe the places that we passed through more.

The trip has not been easy. We experienced heavy traffic along the Alabang area and there were so many road construction sites in Quezon. The normally 8-hr trip was extended to 10. Still, the province has been a very welcoming sight. This is the view that greeted me when I woke from my short nap. This was taken in Gumaca, Quezon, I think.

It was already past 10AM when we arrived at Bicol proper so we decided to take brunch in CWC. It’s this wakeboarding site in Camarines Sur, popular to both tourists and locals. The lack of people has been refreshing. The last time I’ve been there, the place was overflowing with people and everyone was in a ‘summer party’ mood. 😉

Their clubhouse serve some mean quesadilla. I would have eaten them all if not for my queasy stomach. Always gets it when I do long travels.

It was rainy as usual but I was happy to be back. It was a short and sweet 2 day vacation with my family and friends. I will tell you more about it next time. 😉

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