Quirky June Wedding

 Here are some of the phone pics that I took last Saturday. It was a simple yet fun church wedding followed by a beachfront reception.  Well, we were forced to transfer to the in-house venue since the weather was not cooperating. Shoot! Bicol weather can be such a sucker…

We were very cooperative with the wedding’s color theme: yellow, blue, and turquoise. I so love our color splash, I couldn’t resist taking a snap while the priest is officiating. 😉

 This is a mostly-DIY wedding showcasing the bride’s creativity. I can never handle something like this (ever) so I was really impressed.

All the boys were wearing tidy white high-cut Chucks, including this cute ring-bearer that I saw playing around by the door. The flower girls looked so bubbly-cute in their yellow and turquoise umpire ensemble. 🙂

For the wedding’s guest book, they printed out a photo book of their pre-nuptial shots. It’s so adorable! Their personalities really shone and their 3-year-old daughter, Jazz, is such a cutie! I’m thinking of doing something like this on my own wedding but with Polaroid shots. I just wish I could afford it. $_$

And who wouldn’t love this cool vintage custom bridal car with the equally quirky plate? 😀 

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