Wedding and Games

I’ve been talking about our Gen San vacation in most of my previous posts you’re probably sick of it. But let me just tell you that the main reason why we went there was because of a wedding. One of Christian’s closest buddies from high school, Shiela, tied the knot and I got tagged along.

The wedding was lovely and everyone just looked so happy. Kudos to the wedding planners for organizing such a nice and fun-filled ceremony.

The priest was an hour late but he made up for it with his quirky homily. I know he’s got a good excuse but I couldn’t remember because I was sleeping I don’t know… I just can’t. (-.-)

Yellow balloons were released by the godfathers and godmothers for the couple wishing them a loving and lasting marriage. It was such a sight looking at the ballons slowly traipsing through the air, with everyone cheering along.

I love the energy of the groom. He’s like a kid who’s game to do anything. He even surprised the bride with a romantic serenade. So sweet!

Towards the end of the party the guests were given paper lanterns to release into the night air as another well-wish for the newlyweds. I didn’t burn myself or anyone with it, thank goodness. šŸ˜€

Funny thing is, Christian and I were the ones who ended up playing the classic wedding game. It was a bitĀ embarrassingĀ since I don’t really know anyone at that wedding. I felt like a gatecrasher making a scene in front of smiling strangers. Oh well. You just have to go through some things sometimes. šŸ˜€

They found out that we are an actual couple so they obliged us to kiss, much to the prodding of the bride and groom. Can you see the chastity belt through my sheer maxi? I’m boundĀ to this Pollypocket now, unless an evil queen suddenly appears, turns into a dragon, gives us both amnesia, and doom us into a no-happy-ending world. Ok, enough Once Upon A Time references! >_<

If the odds are in our favor, I might think of using this actual bridal garter on our wedding. Sorry for being such a cheese but at least I can make one Ā old wedding superstition come true. Isn’t that sweet, gross or just plain cheap? Haha!

And because I couldn’t help it, I Google-d some wedding superstitions and found out that originally, the wedding garter was the one that is worn as something old article by the bride. It was believed that the blessings of a happily married woman would be passed along to the new bride.

Hmm.. Anyway, something to think about. šŸ™‚

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