30-Ft Under

I did it! I’ve gone scuba diving with Christian in Lemlunay Diving Resort in Saranggani. This happened during our Gen San vacation last May. This 5-day vacation is currently on top of my favorite out-of-town trips for this year. One, because it’s my first solo trip with Christian and meeting his extended family has been wonderful. And two, I’ve done so many things that I wouldn’t have done in my waking hours here in Manila.

It was scary since it was my first time and I really don’t know how to swim. But it’s true what they say — being underwater for several feet is just surreal.  After a minute or two of heavily breathing through my scuba gear, I was able to relax and enjoy it more. I wasn’t able to contain my excitement when I saw the interesting species underwater. I was pointing here and there and my instructor was kind and game enough to take me where I wanted to go. I had fun playing around with the clown fishes thinking that they were Nemo’s relatives. There was also this sea anemone-looking plant that I loved. It was so velvety to the touch I wanted to pluck one and take it home with me. 😀

The only downside was the crew’s underwater camera is not working properly so we weren’t able to take some pictures. But I, still, am thankful because I was able to concentrate more on exploring  the diverse marine life that Saranggani has to offer. In my next dive, I will make sure to bring one and concentrate then on capturing the amazing view from down under.

Based on my instructor’s diver’s watch, I was able to go at around 32 feet underwater but Christian prolly has been around 40-ft or more. I will try to act braver next time and maybe do the flip-from-the-boat thing (if you know what I mean).

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