A Taste of Summer

I’ve been secretly whining about not having any plans this summer. Yes, I’m getting a bit jealous of all those kids having an awesome beach getaway and posting all those fabulous pics on Facebook.

So… I was really thankful when Christian tagged me along to his friends’ weekend plans. We started with a sumptuous dinner at Trinity in Dampa, Macapagal. Seafood galore, oh yeah! I don’t have decent pictures of the actual dishes that we ate but they were all good. I especially liked the calamares, spicy buttered crab, and baked mussels with cheese. Never mind that I have an unpredictable come-and-go seafood allergy — I bought 4 pieces of anti-histamine with me so that prevented me from looking like a midget Shrek and scaring Christian’s friends.

After dinner, we headed to Mariott Hotel where we would stay overnight; courtesy of Omar, who’s back for a short vacation from SG. It was a fun night of booze, juicy chismis-I-mean-stories, and a crazy game of Jenga.

Jenga level ridiculous!

In the morning, we went to take a swim in the pool and experience some of the hotel’s amenities. It was such a nice feeling being out there in the sun (even without sunblock!), just wading around in 4-ft deep water, and looking at the picturesque view from the deck.

What kind of idiot brings only half of her bikini pair? ME!!! Omar was sweet enough to toss me his SG marathon singlet so that I will be allowed to swim. and yeah, tying a knot at the seam makes it more acceptable. 😀
I was the only girl left in the group in the morning so I went solo here. It was kinda scary especially in the steam room (upper right). It was so dark and constricted — I felt like a lab rat lost in a dark, mint-smelling maze. :S

In the afternoon, we went to the adjacent Newport Cinema to watch The Avengers. The line was crazy! Funny thing is, we went over there the night before to buy tickets in advance. Christian and I both gave up when we say how long the queue was and decided that we’d buy the next day. But oh well, it was the same story in the morning.

The Saturday night line was way longer than this one.

Upon watching, I understood the fuss. The Avengers is a must-see. If you haven’t watch it yet, go check it out for yourself.

Sunday was capped by a dinner in Kimono Ken in Shang and me sprawling in my roomie’s bed, taking a good rest after a long, fun-filled weekend.

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