Think Before You Facebookspeak

Girls should stop whining about their relationships on social networking sites. Facebook will never help you solve your love problems. Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t even get his own love life act together.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been a victim of this, too. But it’s not a pleasant experience. You think that you’re right but there’s this nagging question at the back of your head if what you did was right. And isn’t it embarrassing for both you and your guy when you get back together? You start posting pictures of you again making funny faces or air smooching when days ago, you were calling him a cheat, a jerk, or an ass. Air smooching him would make you a what then? A kiss ass?

OK, lame word play.

But seriously, why don’t you just talk about it with him. Privately. Solve your problems together, not separately asking for public advises. You know what they say: “Be careful to whom you share your problems to. Most of them just want to meddle”.

If it’s really that bad, break up. Posting something about your boyfriend is just a reflection of you. Why stay with a douche in the first place? Don’t give me that but-it’s -true-love shit. I’m too old for that.

And so, my dear Padawan, that’s my 2 cents.

Get it.

It’s absolutely free.

P.S. The author wrote this piece after having a day full of Facebook relationship whine posts. It amused her at first, but then she read something about a guy that she cared about.  She wants everyone to know that those who are in the dating stage are exempted. In her opinion, they are just giving all the other single girls a benefit of not dating a jerk, a douche, or an ass.

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