“I’m flying Jack!”: Reminiscin’ Titanic in 3D

I first saw the movie Titanic back in ’97 when I was a measly fourth-grader. I was with my mom and my brother. We were lucky that we were able to get inside despite that long queue of movie watchers. I also remember standing for more than 3 hours, watching it from start to finish. Yes, back then in the province, the cinemas don’t hold reserved-seating schemes and they still allow people to enter even if all seats were already taken.

Now, 5 years after, I got to see Titanic again — this time, in 3D. It’s funny how I came to realize just now that we watched the movie on the very same date and (almost the same time) that the Titanic sank.

The ship of dreams

Re-watching the movie has been a nostalgia overload. I smiled wistfully at the cheesy scenes (“I’m the king of the worrrrrrrrld!”) and tried to hold back tears on the heavy scenes,especially the one when when the captain locked himself in the steering wheel room and the musicians played that hauntingly sad number (“Gentlemen, it was an honor playing with you”). *tears*tears*

It’s a good thing that I don’t have to (pretend) to look away during Kate’s boob exposure and her and Leo’s car scene. Hehe. Fun fact which I just found out today: The director James Cameron was the one who actually sketched Rose.

I want you to draw me wearing this.. Only this..

Everyone can’t deny that the film has shown advanced cinematography and special effects when it was first launched. Top that with good actors and a killer soundtrack, you’ll have a movie that is really deserving of multiple awards.

The 3D version of the movie enhanced all that was amazing to begin with. It was like being in a theme park ride during the disaster scenes. The most notable enhancements done were the time when the bow side of the boat was being lifted by the sinking other half and you can see the giant propellers, the one when the bow side was plunging down toward the ocean, and when Rose was on top of the wooden plank looking at the sky. The stars and aurora were amazing.

Near… far… wherever you are, Titanic will always be one of the best films ever shown.

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