It was a Friday 13th

I’m not a superstitious person. I grew up with scientifically-inclined friends who believe that everything has an absolute explanation. But one thing I am guilty of is linking together pieces of events and make something interesting about it. Take for example today.

I got visited by Salem

It is a Friday 13th. I saw a black cat. And it happened at around 3AM — the witching hour. For someone who’s fond of interconnecting things, this is a triple treat. Everything is about being dark and unlucky. Instead of doing the counter curse for black cats (which I can’t remember anyway, I would have to ask my grandma again), I hurriedly got my phone and took a picture. Yeah, because I live in the Instagram generation.

Commonly known as THE Unlucky Day, many people cross their fingers on anything bad that can happen to them.Friday 13th  can happen as many as thrice a year but may occur only once for some. If the first day falls on a Sunday, there will definitely be a Friday 13th for that month. Interestingly, there are relatively lesser number of incidents that happen on these days — maybe because people are being extra-cautious and prefer to be confined in the safety of their homes rather than spending the start of the weekend out and partying. Kinda reminds me of the Philippine crime rate during a Manny Pacquiao game.

For the record, I can’t recall a single unlucky event that has ever happened to me on Friday 13th in my 26 years of existence. In fact, one of the most significant thing that has ever happened to me was on a Friday 13th last year. I’ll tell you about it in the future. 😀

I also have this secret wish of getting a lily (my favorite flower) during this day. This only happened once; back when I was in college and my then boyfriend surprised me with a bouquet of stargazers. I don’t know why, but I get more excited of getting a flower on this day compared to Valentine’s. And yes, until now, I am still wishful.

And now the day has ended. It’s officially April 14, Saturday. Nothing bad happened and I didn’t get any lily.

It was a perfectly normal day.

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